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  • grocery budget

    I Had Only $30 to Buy Groceries for 2 Weeks. Here’s What I Ate

    Aside from rent, I have only one constant big-ticket expense in my life: food. I spend more on eating out than I do on anything else. And that becomes a problem when I’m running out of money but not days in the month. My lowest point came when I had only $50 to my name, […]

  • Gold Android Figurine

    Golden Android Figurine

    Here is an Android figurine that looks like it is made of gold. It is probably plastic but it is a nice and shiny golden color. It was posted on Instagram by ivanrareone and it is unclear how rare this figurine is. This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, […]

  • 5 Things Managing Political Campaigns Taught Me About Being a CEO

    From Donald Trump to Kevin O’Leary, entrepreneurs entering the world of politics have been in the spotlight. And that has sparked a discussion about whether CEOs transition into successful political leaders. My journey is the opposite: I went from politics to CEO. In 2004, I began college as a political science major at the University […]

  • Google Logo For Abdul Sattar Edhi

    Google Logo For Abdul Sattar Edhi, The Penniless Philanthropist

    Today on Google’s home page is a special Google logo, Doodle, for Abdul Sattar Edhi. Abdul Sattar Edhi founded the Edhi Foundation which runs hospitals, homeless shelters, rehab centres, and orphanages across Pakistan. He himself was penniless, standing on the corners begging for money, which he gave to others to help them with their needs. […]

  • Earn Up to $100 as a Luxury Mystery Shopper in One of These 42 Cities

    If you read The Penny Hoarder regularly, you’ve probably heard of mystery shopping. If you haven’t, here’s a synopsis, courtesy of our founder and CEO, Kyle Taylor, who used to be an avid mystery shopper: “It’s a job where a company pays you to pose like a regular customer and then provide feedback to the […]

  • Natural News Is Back In Google After Penalty Is Revoked

    Looks like NaturalNews.com is back in Google. A site command returns 440,000+ pages including the home page. As you know, last week, Google deindexed the site over Google Webmaster guidelines violations. Natural News and their supporters said Google is lying and they did not violate guidelines and the reason Google dropped them was because the […]

  • These 2 Companies are Looking for Work-From-Home Photo Editors Right Now

    Do you have a keen photo editing eye? Do your friends call you the “Photoshop whisperer”? Ready to get paid to indulge your love of looking at pictures all day? Stock photography website Shutterstock and photo editing website Mendr are filling work-from-home photo editor jobs right now. Remote Editorial Image Review at Shutterstock (Western USA) […]

  • Google Disrespectful Towards Presidents With Trump Picture

    A searcher is asking Google in a Google Web Search Help thread to change the picture they use for Donald Trump in the carousel that is displayed showing all US [presidents]. Here is the carousel and Donald Trump is making somewhat of a boastful face: Here is a larger version of that image: Eric Wileaver […]

  • California No, Iowa Yes: The Best and Worst States to Buy Your First Home

    So you’re a millennial and you want to get serious about adulting. Owning a home sure would be a major milestone. No more paying rent. You’d be building equity. Besides being a good investment, your home would be a castle to call your own. Keep whatever pets you want, paint whatever rooms you like, etc. […]

  • emojis google search analytics

    Emojis In Google Search Console Search Analytics Report

    As you know, emojis are back in the Google search results for emoji relevant queries. But we also know back in May, Google began letting you search by emoji. So it should be no surprise that if you do get search traffic from Google for emojis that your Google Search Console search analytics report may […]

  • 5 Trusty Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt in a Hurry and Avoid Interest

    So your wallet is stuffed with credit cards that are nearly maxed out. You’re on a first-name basis with Chase, Citibank and Capital One. When it’s time to pay for anything, you automatically whip out Visa, MasterCard or Discover like they’re tools in your personal financial Swiss Army Knife. …and you’re hemorrhaging money on interest […]

  • Amit Singhal

    Former Google’s Amit Singhal Sexual Harassment Allegation Shock The SEO Community

    Kara Swisher broke the news yesterday that the former head of search at Google, Amit Singhal, actually left Google due to a dispute over sexual harassment allegations. Amit Singhal denies the fact that he left for that reason. Amit Singhal said in a statement: Harassment is unacceptable in any setting. I certainly want everyone to […]