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  • How Meatless Mondays Can Cut Your Grocery Budget and Keep Your Family Healthy

    You may have already heard that Meatless Monday is good for your health and the health of the planet. The global movement, which the Center for a Livable Future and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health created, challenges people to go meat-free each Monday to reduce their risk of disease, fight obesity and reduce […]

  • best places to retire

    10 Best Places to Retire in USA

    Retirement is something everyone looks forward to, especially while living a painful life. In the US, the definition of ‘retirement’ is now changing rapidly. Some decades ago, retirement simply meant the end of your working life. Nowadays, retirement means leading an active, purposeful and interesting life. Generally, retirees also look for sources of income. Usually, […]

  • Need Budget-Friendly Bike Repairs? Pedal Over to the Local Bike Co-Op

    There’s nothing quite like having a shiny new bike. That is, until something goes awry. Shifting gears just feels a little bit off, you know? Or a tire goes flat without warning. Leaving the bike in the garage and wishing it would fix itself is easy. Sitting in front of YouTube and trying to make […]

  • Get a Free Lyft Ride Home If You’re in One of These 9 States

    Want a free ride home after a night out one weekend? If you live in Texas, New York, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Georgia or Washington, D.C., Lyft can help. The ride-share company teams up with Budweiser to offer two $10 credits toward rides between 5 p.m. and 5 a.m. local time on Thursday, […]

  • Visa Checkout is Hooking It Up With BOGO Movie Tickets This Weekend

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors. We’re letting you know because it’s what Honest Abe would do. After all, he is on our favorite coin. Just in time for the weekend, Visa and Fandango have partnered up to save you money on date night. When you buy one movie […]

  • Huge Gap Inc. Seasonal Hiring Event at All Stores Sept. 23

    It’s one of the great kindnesses of life that during the holiday season — the time when everyone starts thinking, “Man, I could use a few extra bucks this month.” — a slew of seasonal, holiday jobs opens up. And this year is no different. Already, companies like Target and UPS are advertising tens of […]

  • Here’s How to Donate Supplies, Money or Time After a Natural Disaster

    Our world is not lacking in natural disasters. In any given month, communities are experiencing or cleaning up from a hurricane, flood, earthquake or other unexpected event. Whether watching events unfold from near or far, many people have a natural inclination to provide compassionate assistance in any way they can. But it can be difficult […]

  • Google Tests White Knowledge Panels

    Google is now testing white knowledge panels for local results. This was first spotted by our man Sergey Alakov and he posted a screen shot on Twitter of the white look. Typically there is a blue interface for the knowledge panels but here, as you can see, Google is testing it in white. Here is […]

  • Toys “R” Us Is Hiring Thousands for the Holidays. Here’s How to Apply

    How much fun would it be to work in a toy store? You’d get to play with stuff all the time — or at least when you’re on break. Toys R Us is hiring more than 12,000 part-time seasonal employees to work in stores and fulfillment centers across the country.   The company’s customer service […]

  • Google: Responsive Sites Don’t Need To Worry About Mobile First Index

    Gary Illyes from Google said at the BrightonSEO conference that those with responsive sites don’t really need to worry about the upcoming mobile first index. I was not at the event where he said that but Greg Gifford was there and he posted it on Twitter. He said: if you have a responsive site, you […]

  • Major Expansion Plans Mean Thousands More Amazon Jobs in 2018

    Amazon is on a path to total world domination, and it seems we’re all powerless to stop it. OK, so it’s less like we’re powerless and more like we’re feeding into the all-consuming need for immediate gratification in the form of household items, clothing, video streaming, books, small appliances, electronics, accessories, foodstuffs and — oh […]