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    Google Request Indexing & Crawl Direct Links Is Not A Replacement For Sitemaps

    In Google Search Console, there is a feature under the Fetch as Google tool to request indexing. When you click that, it let’s you select either “crawl only this URL” or “crawl this URL and its direct links.” Someone on Twitter asked John Mueller how many direct links would Google crawl from that page that […]

  • Google Spam Reporting

    SEO Agencies Spamming Google? Google Would Take A "Fair Look"

    Did you know that Google is willing to review random SEO agencies to see if their SEO practices are fair and within their guidelines? I didn’t think Google spent the time doing that. Year, they have both algorithmic penalties and manual actions but to review an SEO agency specifically? There are less than a handful […]

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    Reminder: Google Patents & Research Not Always Used In The Ranking Algorithm

    Back in 2013, Matt Cutts of Google was clear that having a patent does not mean they use the patent material in their live search ranking algorithm. In fact, I believe most or many are not used and the research goes into a library somewhere. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from patents – you […]

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    Google Updates The How Search Works Site

    Google noted in their project Owl announcement that they also updated their How Google Search Works site. The site was first introduced in March 2013 and had some content and feature revisions over the years. It now has been totally redesigned and a lot of the content has been removed or hidden in other places. […]

  • How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    Millennials Hate Dinner Dates — and the Reason Why is Actually Quite Smart

    Millennials are smart. Before you scoff so hard snot flies out of your nose, let me explain. Although some people swear chivalry is dead, millennials are doing dating right. And yes, their version of dating includes swiping right or left on their phones — but they’re saving money while doing it. Why First Dates are […]

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    Under Pressure: 15 Things to Know About the Instant Pot

    Behold the Instant Pot. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you probably know someone who has one of these gizmos in their kitchen and just loves it. Seriously, people rave about these things. With booming sales fueled by online word-of-mouth and rave reviews on social media, this electric pressure cooker has become 2017’s […]

  • How to make money as a stay at home mom

    21 Mom-Tested (And Approved!) Ways to Make Extra Money While Raising Kids

    Between changing diapers, scrubbing sticky fingers, wiping runny noses, putting away toys (because stepping on Legos hurts), dealing with temper tantrums and toting Junior from school to practice to his pal’s house, being a mom is exhausting. And expensive. Sure, kids are real joys for the most part — many parents maintain they wouldn’t have […]

  • How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    Confused About What That Betsy DeVos Memo Means for Your Loan? Read This

    If you’re one of the 44 million Americans responsible for repaying $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, a single-page memo Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos sent earlier this month might mean more to you than you realize. In the memo, DeVos rolled back two Obama-era mandates. The first mandate was intended to make loan collection […]

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    How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    $50 Off Lowe’s Coupon Sounds Great, but it’s Just Another Facebook Fake

    The phony coupon shows up in your Facebook feed. “LOWE’S is giving Free $50 coupons for EVERYONE! to celebrate Mother’s Day!” it reads. Sound too good to be true? That’s because it is. The coupon certainly looks like the real thing, but it’s a scam. Lowe’s is warning customers to disregard it. If you click […]

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    How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    This Study Ranked the Best — and Worst — States for Public Education

    If you have children, or you’ve considered expanding your family in the near future, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about schools. The quality of the local school system will often be a major factor in where you decide to live. Financial website SmartAsset recently published its annual list of the top states for K-12 […]

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    How to Pitch Yourself to Be a Podcast Guest

    This Study Says Pregnant Women’s Financial Strains Affect Their Babies Too

    Kids are stressful. They’re loud and emotional and are often a danger to themselves (not unlike your freshman roommate, who seemed to live in a constant state of drunk). But when you consider the cost of raising them, those already crazy-making little humans become even bigger stressors, leading to many a sleepless night worrying about […]

  • InCruises Review

    InCruises Review – Great Business or Big Scam? Let’s Find Out…

    Hey welcome to my InCruises Review! There has been some buzz about this company do I decided to investigate what it was all about. Some say it’s legit while others call it a scam, but I am going to get to the bottom of it. In this blog post, I am going to walk you through […]