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  • Daily Search Forum Recap: December 14, 2017

    Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. Search Engine Roundtable Stories: Google Plans To Roll Out New Search Console Early Next Year In July, we first uncovered the new beta Google Search Console and SEOs […]

  • Google Dublin Menorah

    Google Dublin Menorah

    We have covered many of the menorah at Google over the years, but here is one guy lighting his menorah at the Google office in Dublin, Ireland. I don’t think we saw a menorah in that office yet. Last night was the third night of Hanukkah and he lit the candles in that office. He […]

  • Alan George

    Alan George

    This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series – feel free to nominate someone over here. Alan George, 47 years old lives with his family in Portland, Oregon. He is very instrumental in the SEMpdx organization, which does a lot of work helping the search community. Alan was the past President […]

  • Google Rolls Out Travel, Flight & Flight Search Features

    After much testing, Google has rolled out a bunch of features around travel, trips, flights, hotels and more. In short, Google confirmed rolling out the price slider for hotels, which we covered before. Google also said they rolled out a tips box to help searchers find better deals for their travel search. Google will also […]

  • Google: Watch Your Log Files To See If You Moved To The Mobile-First Index

    Google’s John Mueller said this morning on a Google hangout at the 3:40 mark into the video that you can pretty clearly see if your site has been moved over to the mobile first index by looking at your log files. We know that Google has started the process of moving some sites to the […]

  • Bing Adds Intelligent Answers, Reddit & More Conversational Features To Search

    Bing announced they added some new search features to their search engine including intelligent answers, reddit results and more conversational search support. Intelligent results seem a lot like Google’s featured snippets but Bing says they are different because they use “deep neural networks to validate answers by aggregating across multiple reputable sources.” Although, I am […]

  • Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update: The Maccabees Update

    There is currently both a lot of chatter in the SEO forums and many of the tools are lighting up around major changes in the Google search results. It is rare for there to be this must chatter this late in December in any of the forums, so when the WebmasterWorld thread started to get […]

  • Christmas Carolers At Google

    Christmas Carolers At GooglePlex

    Here is a video I found on Instagram of Googlers at Google standing in one of the lobbies playing Christmas carols for those entering and leaving the office. The video quality isn’t that great but you can make out the various musical instruments being used. Cee-cee who posted this wrote “Carolers at Google.” Here is […]

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    Melissa Fach

    Melissa Fach

    This is part of the say something nice about an SEO/SEM series – feel free to nominate someone over here. Melissa Fach, 43 years old, lives with her husband and two beautiful sons in Sarasota, Florida. Melissa is a name and face most of you who read this site probably recognize. She is constantly out […]

  • Google: Outdated TLS Won’t Hurt Your Rankings

    The other day we reported Google started sending out new security notifications via Google Search Console around TLS upgrade requirements. So I asked Google’s John Mueller about those notifications and he said that it won’t have a negative impact on your Google rankings, that the notifications are just a heads up to webmasters that they […]

  • Did Google’s Knowledge Graph Panels Algorithm Change Yesterday?

    Yesterday, I did my typical search for a local business to get their phone number so I can call them to place a food order, which I do on average once a week and the knowledge panel showed up differently. It had both a shopping card panel and then below the local panel. Others in […]