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    Google Request Indexing & Crawl Direct Links Is Not A Replacement For Sitemaps

    In Google Search Console, there is a feature under the Fetch as Google tool to request indexing. When you click that, it let’s you select either “crawl only this URL” or “crawl this URL and its direct links.” Someone on Twitter asked John Mueller how many direct links would Google crawl from that page that […]

  • Google Spam Reporting

    SEO Agencies Spamming Google? Google Would Take A "Fair Look"

    Did you know that Google is willing to review random SEO agencies to see if their SEO practices are fair and within their guidelines? I didn’t think Google spent the time doing that. Year, they have both algorithmic penalties and manual actions but to review an SEO agency specifically? There are less than a handful […]

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    Reminder: Google Patents & Research Not Always Used In The Ranking Algorithm

    Back in 2013, Matt Cutts of Google was clear that having a patent does not mean they use the patent material in their live search ranking algorithm. In fact, I believe most or many are not used and the research goes into a library somewhere. That doesn’t mean you can’t learn from patents – you […]

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    Google Updates The How Search Works Site

    Google noted in their project Owl announcement that they also updated their How Google Search Works site. The site was first introduced in March 2013 and had some content and feature revisions over the years. It now has been totally redesigned and a lot of the content has been removed or hidden in other places. […]

  • Google Indoor Office Hallway Race Track

    Google Office Hallway Race Track

    Jo Dethlefs posted on Instagram some photos of the Google Hamburg office, including this shot of one of the hallways designed as a race track. I guess Google wants their employees to race to their office and next meeting. But how do they do so by walking sideways against a side wall? Must be one […]

  • Google Logo For Cassini Spacecraft

    Google Doodle For Cassini Spacecraft As It Photos Saturn & Its Rings

    Today on Google’s home page is a special spacecraft Doodle, Google logo, to mark when the Cassini spacecraft begins taking photos and measurements between Saturn and its rings. Today, April 26, the spacecraft will make the first in a series of dives through the 1,500-mile-wide (2,400-kilometer) gap between Saturn and its rings as part of […]

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    Google Hotel Booking Interface Testing Carousel Layout

    Google loves carousels, they just really love them. Now they are testing the carousel user interface for the local listing user interface for hotel booking. Sergey Alakov, who else, spotted this and posted it on Twitter showing the hotel prices can be swiped right and left to get more options. Here is a screen shot […]

  • Google Stars Reviews

    Google Adds More Granular Review Filtering In Local Listings

    Sergey Alakov was again, the first, if not one of the first, to spot this local reviews change – where when you see a local pack in the Google results, you can now filter those listings by reviews in a more granular manner. So now you can filter by half stars instead of just full […]

  • Google Owl Update

    Google Owl Update Promotes Authoritative Content For Fake News Queries

    Yesterday, Google officially announced both an algorithm update and procedure changes for managing search results for fake news like content, which Google calls “offensive or clearly misleading content.” Danny Sullivan, by far, has the most detailed write up on these changes – so go read it. In short, this is the Project Owl update and […]

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    Google Algorithm Update

    Was There A Google Algorithm Update On Monday & Tuesday? Unsure.

    Most of the automated tracking tools, with the exception of Algoroo, really showed massive spikes and volatility on either Monday or Tuesday, April 24th or 25th, of this week. The issue is, the chatter in the SEO community is not correlating to those tools. I mean, the SEO community is NOT up in arms, freaking […]

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    Google: Organic & Paid Search Policies Don’t Always Match

    As you know, there are two massive arms at Google – the organic search team and the paid search team. Organic and paid often have strict rules about not being too friendly with each other. This way there is no pressure from the paid search team to influence the organic results and visa versa. This […]

  • Google Podcasts

    GoogleBot Doesn’t Understand The Words In Your Podcast Audio Files

    Recently, Google added support for rich results for podcasts but that doesn’t mean Google can understand what you are saying in those audio files. Meaning, if you do a 30 minute podcast, GoogleBot is not sitting through the whole 30 minutes listening to what you are saying and then parsing out the words for indexing […]