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  • One of These 8 Companies Screw You Over? You Can Get Up to $750

    It’s been a busy month for class-action settlements. This month, I tracked down eight new settlements that are accepting claims. From consumer goods to service disruptions, there’s a little bit of everything this month. These eight companies are paying big in August. Will you file a claim? 1. Wild Planet, Sustainable Seas Canned Tuna Photo […]

  • Want to Work From Home But Hate Talking on the Phone? Check Out This Job

    You use your computer and smartphone to watch Netflix, chat with friends on Facebook and check out the latest political news — or celebrity gossip. Why not use those devices to make a little money? Lionbridge, a company that provides business services to international organizations, is hiring for work-from-home data validators. This is a part-time […]

  • 8 Absolutely Gorgeous Ways to Save Money Every Time You Shop at Ulta

    Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors. We’re letting you know because it’s what Honest Abe would do. After all, he is on our favorite coin. Shopping for beauty products is tough. So many colors. So many brands. So many skin conditions. So many salespeople. So many recommendations. But I’m […]

  • Researchers Say Alcoholism Is on the Rise. These Low-Cost Programs Can Help

    Opioid misuse has reached such epidemic proportions that it’s now considered a national emergency. But opioids aren’t the only substance Americans struggle with. A new study published in JAMA Psychiatry revealed that the misuse of alcohol is on the rise, along with several illnesses typically associated with heavy drinking. Researchers say one in eight American […]

  • 4 “Totality” Awesome Ways to Make Extra Cash During the Solar Eclipse

    For the last few months, scientists have been ramming the significance of the coming solar eclipse down our collective throats. “I have seen people witnessing their first eclipses. And after totality, they are down on their knees, weeping,” retired astrophysicist Fred Espenak said in an interview with NPR. “It’s just an incredibly moving event.” I […]

  • 4 Chains Where Your Fantasy Football League Can Score Amazing Deals

    If you’re like nearly 75 million other Americans, you’re getting excited. You’re keeping an eye on NFL training camps to see who’s exceeding expectations and who pulled up with a nagging hamstring issue. It’s almost fantasy football time. Say it with me. Finally! For many, one of the best moments of the season is when […]

  • Want to Learn While You Earn? This Side Gig Could Be Perfect for You

    Are you one of those people who loves to know a little bit about a lot of things? Does your brain refuse to sleep at night until you’ve looked up the one nagging question that’s been vying for your attention all day? Do you have an arsenal of useless information swimming around in your head, […]

  • Ordering Pizza on Facebook Won’t Save You Money and Could Make You Hangry

    Some of the most popular pizza chains have made it easier to order and pay for your dinner using Facebook, and pizza lovers are eating it up. According to Bloomberg, when Papa John’s added Facebook ordering back in June, it immediately exploded. Within hours of launch, hundreds of orders poured in across the country. Pizza […]

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    Lighten Up! These DIY Hair Highlighters are Natural and Cheap

    With summer comes a lot of fresh looks and opportunities for experimentation, and if you’re like me, your hair is the go-to first stop. For as long as I can remember, I’ve counted the days until the sun was shining so that my seemingly dull brown locks can get their much needed dose of blonde. […]

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    Pitch Perfect: Here’s How to Create a Memorable Elevator Pitch

    Quick! You’ve just stepped into line at the coffee shop behind someone you recognize to be the CEO of the company you spend your days dreaming of working for. She asks you what you do, and how you do it — and you realize that this is your chance. The line is moving surprisingly fast […]

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    40% More People Are Facing This Tax Penalty. Is the Gig Economy to Blame?

    Gig workers, solopreneurs and freelancers, here’s one more thing you might be doing wrong. Sigh. The IRS has discovered that the number of taxpayers penalized for underpaying their estimated taxes has risen nearly 40% in just five years. Tax filers either made mistakes calculating their estimated taxes or didn’t pay them at all. In 2015, […]