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  • investment options

    Best Investment Options in 2018 for Beginners & Professionals

    You choose various investment options like Equity, Debt, Diamonds, Gold, Silver, Real Estate, Commodities, Antiques, Paintings, Carbon Credits, Forex, Derivatives etc. You have to invest your money wisely so that your assets grow and generate good returns, well above rate of inflation. So, ‘Which one is best investment option?’ is a common question which will […]

  • write_a_will

    You don’t have to be Rich or Old to Write a Will!

    You just have to be 18 years of age ( this is the acceptable legal age in most states in the US) and even if you are not rich today, yet it is still wise to write your Will. You cannot predict your future, so never be pessimistic. It is quite possible that due to […]

  • youngest rich

    40 Youngest Self-Made Super-Rich and Famous

    Anyone who says becoming rich and famous takes a lifetime is simply bluffing. In recent decades, there are hundreds of examples of women and men striking it rich and becoming famous while in their teens or early 20s. Admittedly, you need some special skills to become a millionaire at very young age. Everyone is born […]

  • best places to retire

    10 Best Places to Retire in USA

    Retirement is something everyone looks forward to, especially while living a painful life. In the US, the definition of ‘retirement’ is now changing rapidly. Some decades ago, retirement simply meant the end of your working life. Nowadays, retirement means leading an active, purposeful and interesting life. Generally, retirees also look for sources of income. Usually, […]

  • save money at bar

    10 Simple Ways to Save Money while Drinking at Bars

    Enjoying a drink alone or with company at a plush bar can prove pretty pricey. Booze anywhere in the world comes with a heavy load of taxes and service charges, deftly woven into the cost of liquor and food. Sometimes, other esoteric sounding charges are piled on the final check. The price of booze at […]

  • Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Top 20 Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day has myriad meanings across the world. In some countries, it is dedicated to Mother Mary, who bore Jesus Christ. In others, it pays homage to mothers who lost their sons in cruelest wars of this planet has witnessed. In yet other nations, Mother’s Day is observed on the second Sunday of May every […]

  • bitcoin cybercrime

    Bitcoin’s Rising Notoriety in Cybercrime

    Bitcoin, the world’s largest crypto-currency hit a record high and traded above US$ 2170 each. This unexpected surge was caused by fears of another malware attack on governments, banks and financial establishments, healthcare providers and major corporations. These entities believe it is better to stockpile Bitcoin and ensure access to critical data by paying ransom […]

  • Missing money

    Claiming Missing Money of Dead Relatives

    Billions of dollars unclaimed money lies with various American states, federal agencies and other organizations. You could be rightful owner of some of this missing money. These unclaimed big bucks are held by the federal and state governments, banks, pension and insurance providers and stock brokers, among others. They belong to people who have departed […]

  • Life Insurance Claim

    15 Reasons why Life Insurance Claims are Rejected

    Life insurance provides a simple yet sometimes expensive solution to protect the family from financial troubles after your death. You pay a fixed premium for an agreed number of years to the insurer. In return, the insurance company assures it will hand over the entire amount of money you have paid, plus incentive, to your […]

  • GST_impact

    GST Impact: Know What Gets Cheaper or Costlier

    Most Indians are unaware of how Goods and Services Tax (GST) will impact their income, money and life. Individuals as well as companies are adopting the proverbial ‘wait-and-watch’ to assess GST’s effects- both positive and negative. Understandably, there are several concerns over instability of prices of essentials. Therefore, let us take a look at what […]

  • saving_bank_account

    10 Things to Check before Opening a Savings Account in Bank

    Economies worldwide are going cashless. A recent survey by the Netherlands based ING Group, a global banking and finance major revealed, by 2020 at least 30 percent countries of the world will have adopted cashless economy. Currency notes will not become extinct overnight but dependence upon conventional metal and paper coins and notes will reduce […]

  • get_rich_problems

    10 Big Problems of Getting Rich Quickly

    Everyone wants to get rich fast. Indeed, that is what this website and its contents are all about. Getting rich fast is also something we encourage and show you different ways to get rich. Rightfully, nobody wants to live with money shortage. Presumably, having less money can leave you with lots of desires waiting fulfilment. […]